Periodised Nutrition

It has become increasingly clear that sports performance can be enhanced or diminish through nutrition.

Periodised Nutrition is the strategic combination of training and nutrition plan with the goal to  improve sports performance. Using this nutritional strategy, I design a personal nutrition plan for you based on the needs of every step of your training process; for instance:

  1. What phase of the training is recovery critical?
  2. What phase of your training is there an emphasis on conditioning?  
  3. Is weight management important? If so, in what part of the season?
  4. Is increasing muscle mass important? If so, in what part of your training?
  5. Determine when immune function might need extra attention.
  6. Determine when supplementation should start.

Once we have the answer to this questions we can start to work on a year, season or week calendar depending on your needs.

The nutritional plan will support all nutrition goals and will keep you with an energy and carbohydrate balance, and all the same time will provide you sufficient protein and micronutrients.

For this we can choose different tools to achieve your goals depending on the need of each period from your training: We can chose to Train low, Train High, Fasted Training, Training Twice a day, Eating for Recovery, Protein focus, Immune Systeem focus, and so on.

Do you want to improve your sports performance or prepare for a competition? I can help you.

Schedule an intake appointment for free and let’s talk about your goals.


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